LOBO minutes for October 8, 2015

Members in attendance:
President: Anna Kastner
Vice-President: Lex Parker
Treasurer: Tom Sanz
Secretary: Kathy Parker
Other attendees:   Tom P., Bill

Topics Discussed:

Minutes of July 8, approved.
No PayPal, to date, for Oct. 17 Aquatic ride.  Need to talk to Toni (aquatic contact) to possibly cancel the whole thing and cancel caterer.

Financial status:  Still have $67.00 at Bank of America.  Tom S. and Anna to close this account.

A new LOBO bank account was opened at Self Help Federal Credit Union.  Currently LOBO has $129.88 in account.

LOBO got 67 chips for working at the Salmon Festival.

Tom S. needs LOBO’s monthly fees due each month to make a calendar so he can be sure that LOBO has the money.

Website fees will be due late September.

LOBO has a bill of $150.00 to the Chamber of Commerce.

New membership / Open Enrollment to start in February 2016.  Dues will be $15.00 a year.

Need Eldon from California State Parks to commit to a date to talk to LOBO regarding the benefits of being a volunteer to help clean the trails.  Anna will send Eldon an email.

Need to go to ORAC meeting to request the trails be multi-purpose.

LOBO to help MAU to get organized.

It costs $1.00 a month to keep up website.  Tom S. to pay $12.00 so that LOBO will have year.

Tom S. to provide template, with new LOBO design, for proper letterhead for future minutes to be prepared on.  Motion approved.

Tom S. to check LOBO’S current status with League of American.

Next Meeting:  Specific date not picked at this time but will be in January 2016.

LOBO minutes for January 21, 2016

Members in attendance:
President: Anna Kastner
Vice-President: Lex Parker
Treasurer: Tom Sanz
Secretary: Kathy Parker
Other attendees:   Tom P., Bill K., Kevin (new), Jerry (new)

Topics Discussed:

Kathy gave $5.00 to use as change for new members to pay their membership fees.

Salmon Festival paid LOBO $168.00 for pouring beer at the Salmon Festival, plus $40.00 in tips.

Reminded Kathy to prepare Oct. 8, 2015, minutes.

Bank of America account needs to be closed as a monthly fee is charged and LOBO has opened an account somewhere else.  Anna and Tom S. will take care of this on Tuesday, January 26, 2016.

Eldon from State Parks will do a presentation at next month’s meeting on February 11, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. regarding benefits to cyclists for helping to keep trails clean.

Anna to call Mike to let him know that LOBO will not be at the State Park Open House on Saturday, January 23, 2016.

League of American Bicycles, which is LOBO’s insurance, is going up $38.00 a year.  Motion made to pay this year’s fee in full.  Motion seconded.

Need to start membership drive.  Fee is $15.00 a year.

24-Hours-of-Gold:  Get Cat to take it on, get sponsors and LOBO will help, maybe co-sponsor.  Anna really wants to keep the 24-HOG going as it helps to make people aware of the many great places in the Oroville area to ride.  Instead of it being a 24 hour ride, maybe a 6 and/or 12 hour ride.  October 3 was picked as the date for this year’s 6/12 HOG.  Ask riders who want to use camp grounds to pay a fee to help cover the costs of renting them.

Wildflower Festival is on April 2, 2016, and is being held at Riverbend Park in Oroville.  Possibly have LOBO members be in charge of a bike watch, which is where people put their bikes in a “corral” area and LOBO watches them for safe keeping.  Lex, Tom S. and Anna volunteered to do this.

Lex, Tom S. and Anna to meet next week to prepare membership letter.

New LOBO jersey will cost approximately $80(?).  Need people to commit to purchasing before LOBO make commitment to have it created.

Lex and Anna to meet with head of State Park to open up some dialogue.

Next Meeting:  Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at the Butte County Library meeting room.

LOBO minutes for April 21, 2016

Members in attendance:
President: Anna Kastner
Vice-President: Lex Parker
Treasurer: Tom Sanz
Secretary: Kathy Parker
Other attendees:   Tom P., Jean P., Bill C., Gene R., Lorrie, Mike M., Salik P., Jim P., Scott H., Mike H., Greg S., Darin C.

Topics Discussed:

Tom S. gave the treasurer’s report.  LOBO currently has $250 in account.  Oroville Chamber of Commerce fees paid.  The main things we need to pay are our insurance, our website fees and ___________ which equals approximately $700 a year.

Discussed with newest attendees why we pay the Chamber and why we keep up our website.  We get lots of hits from the City of Oroville Chamber website and other bike groups use the maps on the LOBO website.

It was suggested that LOBO send a Thank You email to anyone who becomes a member.

Anna will put in the permit for the 6/12 Hours of Gold to be held on Saturday, October 8.  LOBO will reserve the campsites for Friday and Saturday nights.  If you stay any additional days after that, you are on your own.  The Time Monkey program worked so well in 2014 that LOBO will use it again this year.

A new Vice President for mountain biking group rides was noted:  Mike Morgan.

The Acquatic Center still wants to a combo family day & bike ride.  Maybe do a mountain bike ride and while riders are out on the trail, family can use the paddles boats, etc.

LOBO is again volunteering to help with the Wildflower and will run the bike stop at the Paradise school.  Riders are supposed to vote for their favorite rest stop and whoever wins, their group will get  $500.  LOBO’s theme is Hawaiian.

It was suggested that if a person signs up to be a life-time member that they pay $100 or $150, one time.

Discussed LOBO becoming a 4013 and what it would take to do that.

Bike Rodeo at Oakdale Heights Elementary School is Friday, April 29 from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Need volunteers.

Next Meeting:  Possibly July 14?​

LOBO minutes for January 17, 2017

Members in attendance:
President: Anna Kastner
Vice-President: Lex Parker
Treasurer: Tom Sanz
Secretary: Kathy Parker
Other attendees:  Tom P., Bill, Shannon, Joan

Topics Discussed:
Tom S. gave the treasurer’s report:  LOBO currently has $649 in account plus $15 in PayPal.
Go Daddy account is good, for now.  Domain name is good till July of 2018.  Website fees possibly due this June.  It was agreed to pay the fees for the website.

Greg is still willing to do the updates to website.

Insurance, $189, is due February 1, 2017.  It was agreed to pay insurance fees.

City of Oroville Chamber of Commerce fees are due in June.  It was agreed to pay Chamber fees.  LOBO gets hits from the Chamber of Commerce page when the public seeks out bike / biking information.  Lex will go to the Chamber to make sure the bike information is added to the Chambers page.

State Parks wanted horse group to be separated from mountain bike group.

Waiting for DWR (Dept. of Water Resources) to complete license process so that every trail will be open to everyone – bikes, horses and pedestrians.

Tom S. will send out emails to encourage membership drive.  Lex will add information to webpage to encourage membership drive.

Aquatic Center is still interested in putting on a Tri-athalon.  Possible route:  from the Dam to the Aquatic Center at the Forebay.  Would be a family day with picnics.  Possibly have food trucks available for individuals to purchase food on their own.

Discussed whether or not to help with the Davis bike ride that goes through Oroville, Highway 70 area.  Need to locate a place nearest to Highway 70 to house bikers – sleep area, showers (?) food trucks (?).

It was decided to have meetings every other month instead of every month.

Next Meeting:
Tuesday, March 14, 2017, at the Library at 6 p.m.

LOBO minutes for April 11, 2017

Members in attendance:
President: Anna Kastner
Vice-President: Lex Parker
Treasurer: Tom Sanz  NOT present
Secretary: Kathy Parker
Other attendees:  Seven individuals
Topics Discussed:
Anna reminded us that we need to have Greg put the LOBO minutes from January 17 on the website.  Lex said he would get them to Greg.

Need to pay American League dues.  Anna informed us that these fees went up.  Also need to pay the City of Oroville Chamber dues, $155.00.

Anna told everyone that it cost approximately $700 to $800 a year to keep LOBO up and running.

Need to speak to State Parks and Recreation regarding the lack of trails, due to the flooding from the spillway.  Aaron is our contact at the State Parks & Rec.  Anna suggested that LOBO have 2 to 3 people talk to Aaron to discuss how to open all the trails to everyone, bikes, horses, etc., especially since there are a lot of trails that are now not assessable due to spillway damage over flow and the work being done on the dam.  Three people said they would talk with Aaron if an agenda was set up before then.  Discussed the topics to put on the agenda.

Anna needs to know by April 18 who will volunteer to help work in the booth in Paradise for the Wildflower this year.

May 12 is when Oakdale Elementary School will hold its bike rodeo.  They need helpers.  Be at the school by 7:30 a.m.  Bring any tools, bike stand, etc., that can be used to help the kids with their bicycles.  It is an all day event, but if you can only stay for a couple of hours then that really helps too.

Discussed whether we want to have an Earth Day clean up or not.  Anna will send out an email.

Remind Tom S. to send a confirmation email that the dues have been received and the membership is now paid up for the year.

Next Meeting:
No date was set​